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The Arizona Goth Society was created by Ruben Garcia Jr in response to the pandemic. The groups focus is to create a digital community of like-minded individuals who have a passion for the macabre and make a safe space for each other to interact online via their Facebook group. Since its inception in October of 2020 the group has shot to well over five thousand members.

As part of their community focus, The Arizona Goth Society are also event coordinators. The 2022 Arizona Goth Festival was their first event and succeed in bringing together droves of local goths for a large-scale annual celebration.

The festival included dance sets from local goth scene DJ’s, concert performances from PyG and The Limit Club, and an artist alley of 15 independent vendors selling their hand made creations.

As the organization continues to grow exponentially so does the work required to manage it. Garcia Jr is aided by an extremely efficient group of individuals including Kirissa Lane-Garcia, Jonny Stalnaker, Thomas Story, Eric Anderson, Jared Bernal and Sydney Spangle.

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